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Legends of love Solomon and Sulamit

Legends of love. Solomon and Sulamit
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Legends of love Solomon and Sulamit

Legends of love Solomon and Sulamit: It is believed to be the mission of A.I. Kubrina “Shulamith” has elements of child pornography. While in love with the king, \ u200b \ u200b was the 13-year-old heroine of the work. In the story we are talking about the love that the world has never seen, and the most powerful.

Despite shifting boundaries attributing the creation of pornography to different times and to different people, “Shulamith” has never been classified as a taboo subject. This is because the goals of this work are different from the objectives of pornography.

The plot itself is based on the book “Song of Songs” from the Bible. But in a loose redesign of Kubrin. The Song of Solomon, (all), is the Old Testament canon, written in biblical Hebrew and attributed to King Solomon. Currently, \ u200b \ u200b is usually interpreted as a set of wedding songs without a plot. Kubrick tried to formulate a plot of these. Someone wrote about a dozen Russian folk songs about the love story of some Aliyonushka and good fellow Ivan, including quotes and storytelling of different songs.

Legends of love. Solomon and Sulamit

Legends of love

The name Sulamit is mentioned only in the passage of the Bible and only in one verse. According to some interpretations, the name Shula is only a descendant of the neighborhood. For example, the masculine name of the woman is “Moskovit” (from Moscow) or, for example, “Smolyanka” (from Smolensk).

Such details of love are not in the Bible, they are in the plot of “Sulamifi” Kubrin. According to the Orthodox explanation, the book “Song of Songs” is an example of the strong love between a man and a woman, of which we shall not now go. In a nutshell, the example of such a strong love between a woman and a king gives readers the opportunity to understand divine wisdom (God Love)

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The main characters of the story are King Solomon of Persia and his beloved Sulamit. The story consists of twelve parts.

Legends of love. Solomon and Sulamit

The first part outlines the reader before Persia during Solomon’s reign, and talks about Solomon and his actions. The king was about forty-five years old when the fame of the king, his wisdom and beauty, and the greatness of his life spread beyond his country. The king was very rich and generous, and in his days silver was not valued more than a simple stone. For those who surrounded the king and his land of peace, Solomon had no regrets – his armor of the five hundred bodyguards was covered with gold plates.

The second part of the story tells the reader about what kind of women the great king loved. He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines, besides countless slaves and dancers. White-faced, black-eyed, tall, stocky, round, slender – the king was all enchanted by his love, for God gave him a sense of power that he did not have in common. Also, the king shared his box with the most beautiful and smartest woman in the world, the Queen of Sheba, Palkis-Maketa. But above all, he loved Solomon Sulamit, a poor woman from the vineyard


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