Happy Camelot

Happy Camelot

Happy Camelot
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Happy Camelot

Happy Camelot: is a browser slg multiplayer online game this is primarily based on king Arthur’s story. the game is about in medieval instances. gamers can build and expand towns, produce assets, join leagues and carry out military movements. in the sport, buildings and technology may be upgraded.


Whilst beginning the sport, the player wishes to pick a lord or a girl. a new player will get hold of a 7-day newbie protection that protects the player from being attacked by different players. whilst the time is over, or your fortress reaches degree 5, the safety will expire. all through this era, new gamers may have the hazard to get familiar to the sport, and benefit a few resources and train troops.

The assets in the sport are silver, iron, wooden and meals. they may be produced by way of the homes out of the town. the assets are required for training troops, upgrading constructing and discovering technology. there’s also a useful resource that can be bought with the aid of the usage of real money, the gold. it could be used to finish the construction and studies instantly. and gamers can use it to shop for items in the shop.

Happy Camelot


Finding out the affair among Lancelot and the queen, king Arthur lost his mind. taking gain of the king’s wrath and depression, Morgan controls the thrown of camelot. nobel kings and knights in albino rise up inside the dark age to store the falling country…



Heroes are very critical. with out a hero, the troops cannot be dispatched to the battlefield. heroes have 10 different types. a few heroes have a excessive assault, even as others may also have a high defense or intelligence. their mastery and skill also are distinct. players can equip the right form of soldier to a certain hero. this may maximize the ability of the heroes.


There are 41 technology. they start from degree 0 and can be researched the usage of an academy. basically they can be divided into 4 sorts. assault, protection, pace and capability.
there are 11 different navy units: swordsman, spear man, archer, barbarian, installed archer, heavy cavalry, scout, catapult, ballista, mum or dad and cannon.

Happy Camelot

Multiplayer video game

A multiplayer video game is a online game wherein more than one person can play inside the identical game environment on the equal time, both regionally (e.g. new first rate Mario bros.) or online over the net (e.g. fortnite, name of obligation: black ops). multiplayer games usually require gamers to share the assets of a unmarried sport machine or use networking technology to play collectively over a extra distance; players may additionally compete towards one or extra human contestants, paintings cooperatively with a human accomplice to achieve a common goal, supervise other players’ interest, co-op. multiplayer video games permit gamers interaction with other people in partnership, competition or rivalry, providing them with social communique absent from unmarried-participant video games.

In the course of its early records, video video games have been regularly single-participant-most effective sports, putting the participant against pre-programmed demanding situations or ai-managed opponents, which lack the power of human notion.

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