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Final Fantasy VII Part 5

Final Fantasy VII Part 5
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Final Fantasy VII Part 5

Final Fantasy VII Part 5:So you’ve finished the disk and you’re finally in the next half of the game. There is still a lot to go on but no more frustration. There’s a whole lot of content to be bored through, and you’ve only seen half of what the game has to offer you. This is 5 of our spoiler-free Final Fantasy VII albums to make you feel less like we were able to protect our experience and keep you from finding your own.

The Northern Rock

After all the trekking you’ve done so far, you think you’ve finally reached your destination. If you made that comment, you would be wrong. Run down the hill and past the spiers you will enter the whirlwind maze.

Whirlwind Maze

Watch the March winds and the winds of the air. Big wreaths of lightning and small green atmospheric winds are not an issue, they seem. Keep an eye on the large layer of air. When it blows hard, sit and wait, once it blows hard.

Final Fantasy VII Part 5

Once you get to the end of the area, find out whether or not you can hand over the Red XIII or the Black Matter to Padre. It does not matter what you choose, but go ahead and choose Barrett because he is strong and beautiful. After that scene, the thick, juicy plot runs through your cup, and you fight back Sefiroth’s ugly ol ‘mom.

Boss Fight – Genoa Death

You have apologized to Genoa and her son cut her to pieces and threw you away. She doesn’t have much reputation, so this fight is a pretty easy one.

Genoa’s death body is weak, and most of her magical attacks are fire-based, so equip as many people as you can with Fire Ringing or Fire + Elemental Materia in their hands and hit her until she dies.

After you die Genoa, more flesh will be revealed, and you will finally have the end of Disc 1.

Final Fantasy VII Part 5

Shinra ha – Junan

You were again captured by Shinra. Great work. Fortunately, their inability to allow you to escape like the hero you once again. You will start playing Padre, and you will soon be joined by Keith Sid and Yuffie. Follow the clearly designed path and once you get to the airport, you will take control of Defa.

Defa is tied to a chair in a room filled with poison gas. A guard has dropped a key right in front of you, so you can get out of this situation. Start by moving the keys closer to you using the Defa feet a few times, then press the buttons to control the head and legs, to get the key to the Defa’s mouth. Then press the hand and head buttons and he will release himself from the chair. All you have to do now is stand behind the chair and wait for a coup to save you.

Moving to the end of the cannon if you get out of the cell, then engage in a skirmish with Scarlett. You cannot win this fight, but if you lose it, try your best.

Once the fight is over, stay tuned for some plot points and you’ll find yourself at the best of any JRPG: when you finally get the Airship!

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